Westport Yachts is the largest yacht manufacturer in North America and one of the largest in the world. Since 1964, it has built more than 140 yachts and over 100 commercial vessels.

Westport has a large in-house team of naval architects, marine engineers, and designers. Its shipyard in Westport, Washington spans 170,000 square feet while the one in Port Angeles is a 100,000-square foot enclosed facility.

The company pioneered the use of composite materials in building yachts and commercial vessels. Today, it continues to closely monitor the composites industry to come up with innovative materials and techniques that it can use in production.

For Westport, the use of composite fiberglass in yacht construction has many benefits. Composite yachts are more lightweight and, therefore, faster. They also have better structural integrity, which extends the life of the vessels and increases their resale value. In addition, they are resistant against rust and galvanic corrosion, which cuts down maintenance cost and time. The use of composite materials also reduces noise and vibrations and provides superior thermal insulation, making it easier to air condition the yacht during hot days, or to heat it during cold weather.

Westport uses state-of-the-art composite materials and advanced technologies like infusion and resin impregnation to create yachts that are stronger and more lightweight than their steel and aluminum counterparts. In addition, Westport’s use of computer-aided design and manufacturing methods, as well as the company’s meticulous design, tooling, and build engineering processes ensure a first-class build every time.