San Lorenzo

The Italian manufacturer Sanlorenzo builds made-to-measure motor yachts and superyachts using resin-infused fiberglass, aluminum, and steel. Each one is designed and created according to the specifications of the buyer.

Founded in 1958, the company launched its first fiberglass yacht in 1985, after decades of building purely wooden vessels. In 2005, the company was acquired by Massimo Perotti. Since then, Sanlorenzo has experienced tremendous growth, with its turnover increasing from €40 million in 2005 to €220 million in 2015. The company also went on to produce several award-winning yachts and became one of the top names in the industry.

In 2011, Sanlorenzo was ranked third in the world among manufacturers of yachts over 24 meters. The company climbed up to #2 in 2014 and is still in the #2 spot in the 2016 Global Order Book.

Sanlorenzo currently has three main product lines: SL, SD, and Superyachts. The SL models are 78–118 feet long fiberglass flying bridge motor yachts that have a planing hull. The SD models are 92–116 feet long motor yachts constructed using composite material and a semi-displacement hull. The 40-meter to 64-meter superyachts, meanwhile, have an aluminum superstructure and a planing or displacement hull made of aluminum or steel.

Sanlorenzo operates three state-of-the-art shipyards in Ameglia, Viareggio, and La Spezia, Italy. Since the company’s inception, it has produced more than 750 yachts. In 2013, Sanlorenzo formed a joint venture with Sundiro Holding to build and market luxury yachts in China.