Riva is a well-known manufacturer of luxurious open, coupé, and flybridge fiberglass yachts that are 27–115 feet long. All models have a timeless look, the result of combining modern design and the traditional way of making Riva boats, such as the cutting techniques, the painting of the wooden parts, and the use of fine woods.

The roots of Riva yachts began in 1842, when Pietro Riva won the admiration of the residents of Sarnico, Italy for skillfully repairing boats devastated by a storm. The boatyard’s success continued as the business was passed down from generation to generation, with Serafino Riva steering the company towards producing powerboats after World War I.

Carlo Riva began making wooden-hulled speedboats in the 1950s and fiberglass ones in 1969. The boats became a big hit, quickly becoming an elegant status symbol desired by many rich and prominent people. Some notable examples are Brigitte Bardot, with her Florida; King Hussein of Jordan, with his Super Aquarama; Anita Ekberg, who owned a Tritone; the Shah of Persia, with his Riva 2000; and Sofia Loren and Sean Connery, with their Rudy.

In September 1969, Carlo Riva sold the firm to Whittaker, an American company, but in May 2000, Riva was acquired by the Ferretti Group, bringing the brand back to Italy.

The Ferretti Group continued to use the Riva name on high-end yachts that capture the essence of the classic Riva ones. The vessels are produced in two shipyards: one in Sarnico and a bigger one in La Spezia. Over the last 13 years, Riva has launched an exclusive range of 27–164 long fiberglass yachts, currently comprising 15 models across 3 product segments.