Princess Yachts International is a manufacturer of motor yachts based in Plymouth, England. It began in 1965 as Marine Projects (Plymouth) Ltd, when David King and his two friends fitted out then chartered a boat that became an instant hit and got sold quickly.

Princess experienced tremendous growth in the succeeding years. In 1966–1969 alone, it built and sold more than 130 vessels.

In 1981, the company was bought by South African entrepreneur Graham J. Beck. Beck then sold a 75% stake in the business to the French investment group, L Capital 2 FCPR, a division of LVMH, in June 2008. In 2010, Princess became the first major European boat-builder to be certified ISO 14001-compliant.

Princess values ergonomics, practicality, and spatial perfection. To achieve these, naval architects, designers, and engineers work together to determine the design, which the craftsmen then work on tirelessly to build while constantly keeping an eye on quality.

Princess’ current product line includes 12 models of flybridge yachts, three models in the M Class (30-40 meters), eight in the V Class, and three in the S Class.

The innovative hulls of the Princess yachts are made from a lightweight, resin-infused composite, enabling greater internal volume compared to standard methods. The deep-V form of the hulls, meanwhile, helps in reducing the power and fuel needed by the yacht to achieve top speed.

The company employs more than 2,000 craftsmen and its shipyards span over 1.1 million square feet. Up to this day, David King remains active in developing new products for Princess. His first boat has also been restored to commemorate the company’s 50th