Oceanco specializes in building 80-meter to 140-meter custom luxury yachts in aluminum and steel. Its shipyard in Alblasserdam in the Netherlands has a private harbor and a climate-controlled facility for manufacturing and refitting yachts up to 130 meters. The shipyard has a total area of 8.2 hectares, with direct and unrestricted access to the North Sea. Meanwhile, Oceanco’s sales, design, marketing, and communications office is in Monaco.

Oceanco was established in 1987, with the initial yacht building processes done in South Africa and the finishing done in the Netherlands. In 2002, control of the company was transferred to Greek business tycoon Theodore Angelopoulos, who shifted the focus of the company into building superyachts that are at least 80 meters, called the “Y Generation.” This included the 80-meter Amevi and the 82-meter Alfa Nero.

To bring the client’s vision into reality, Oceanco integrates Dutch artistry with state-of-the-art technologies. In addition, the company works not just with its in-house design team, but also collaborates with world-famous designers, such as Nuvolari & Lenard, Terence Disdale, Espen Øino, Igor Lobanov, Sam Sorgiovanni, Tim Heywood, and Andrew Winch.

Oceanco has delivered 29 yachts since its inception 30 years ago. Some of the recent ones are 88-meter Nirvana (2012), 85-meter Y708 (2013), 91-meter Equanimity (2014), 88-meter Infinity (2015), and 85-meter Aquijo (2016).

Oceanco’s biggest superyacht to date, the 120-meter Redentore, is currently under construction and will feature an environment-friendly hybrid propulsion system that reduces emissions and improves fuel efficiency.