Galeon is a privately-owned yacht builder based in Poland. The company was founded in 1982 and has grown to employ more than 800 people working in an 18,000-square meter facility to manufacture luxury yachts and motorboats. To accommodate the production of bigger vessels, Galeon also constructed a second factory that has a private marina and direct access to the Baltic Sea.

Galeon works closely with the designers to push boundaries and develop new ideas. It then proceeds to manufacture the boats using cutting-edge technology and the best-quality components available.

Production in the different departments is strictly monitored to ensure high quality and safety. The steel and aluminum division, which manages all the glass and metal parts of the yachts, forms the different parts of the vehicle — from the screws to the sunroofs — using Waterjet and other similar machines. The furniture division, meanwhile, crafts the cabinets, beds, and other fixtures. The laminates department is in charge of creating the mold of each model. This can take 2-6 months and requires extreme precision so that the different parts will fit together perfectly.

In the main assembly hall, all the needed equipment are installed on the hull then tested. The furniture, fixtures, appliances, and electronic devices are then fitted. Next, the metal parts, windows, and glass doors are added. Lastly, the engines are attached.

The yacht then goes to the testing pool, where the hull and the engine are inspected. Heavy rain is then simulated to see if all doors and windows are properly sealed. Once everything has been evaluated, the yacht can then be tested on the open waters.