Ferretti Yachts began in 1968 as an offshoot of the family business of Alessandro Ferretti and his brother Norberto, who were then into luxury car dealership. In 1971, the brothers’ first model, a 10-meter long wooden motor-sailer, received praise at the Genoa Boat Show. Four years after that, the brothers decided to focus completely on their nautical business and in 1982, they debuted their first motor-yacht.

In 1989, Ferretti created an in-house engineering division that uses advanced technologies to design yachts and to conduct research on new materials. The company also began using the knowledge and experience it gained from participating in contests to improve its production methods.

Ferretti Yachts places extreme importance on comfort and safety. Not surprisingly, the company is fully compliant with the ECC 94/25 Directive and all its vessels are certified class “A”. This means that clients can expect hull strength and safety, whatever sailing condition they are in.

The emphasis on comfort is obvious with how Ferretti Yachts uses smart and ergonomic designs in the engine area and all the rooms. The emphasis on safety, meanwhile, can be seen in the company’s use of large windows, easy-to-access engine room equipment, durable tanks, expertly installed electric systems, and a control display for all functions.

Throughout the years, Ferretti has influenced how luxury yachts are made. The company has introduced novel solutions such as hull windows, Cross Fiber Technology (XFT), and Anti Rolling Gyros (ARG).

Ferretti’s latest innovative solution is the Floodable Garage, which makes it easy to haul a tender. The company also owns several patents, including the ones for the Dual Mode Transom (DMT) and the Convertible Top.