CRN has been a progressive force in the yachting industry since 1963, when founder Sanzio Nicolini decided to use steel and aluminum to build the sturdiest boating vessels in Ancona, materials that were rarely used at the time.

Since then, CRN has grown to become one of the largest manufacturing companies for the luxury boating sector in Europe. They continue to construct and sell steel and aluminum customizable megayachts of around 40-90 metres with unwavering passion and expertise. The CRN Shipyard in Ancona, Italy, is spread over 80,000 sq. metres and has a private marina that opens directly to the Adriatic Sea. Since joining forces with Ferretti Group in 1999, this shipyard has been used by international designers and engineers to create the most unique projects ever developed in the yachting business.

CRN luxury yachts continue to impress yachting enthusiasts, with the most recent release the 55 metre CRN Atlante, gaining numerous accolades for its functional yet personal design. This design includes a variety of comfortable spaces dedicated to guests creating phenomenal memories on the sea. CRN strives to continue the avante-garde thinking of its founder through pioneering modern designs and new technology in luxury yachting for years to come.


  • 2011 Mega Yacht
    196' 11"' / CRN

  • 2008 Motor Yacht
    139' 10"' / CRN

  • 2005 Motor Yacht
    131' 3"' / CRN

  • 1976 Motor Yacht
    131' 3"' / CRN