CNM, which stands for Cantieri Navali del Mediterraneo, was established in 2003. The company quickly created a splash in the yachting industry with its mission to stand out amongst other yachting brands through an allegiance to innovation, luxury, and loyalty to providing excellent service to yachtsmen across the globe.

The most popular CNM yacht models are the Continental 50, Continental 110, and the Continental 50 tender. The Continental 50 is the pinnacle of an open yacht and was conceived to be a transformer, which allows the owner to customize the look and arrangement of the yacht to their satisfaction. The Continental 110 is the largest open yacht in the world, with the space of a mega yacht and the speed of a high performance racing hull. Finally, the Continental 50 tender continues to make history and revolutionize the yachting industry, and is considered by many as one of the most iconic yachts every built. Crowned the World’s Most Innovative Yacht of 2008 in Cannes, it was designed to entertain and features a remarkable amount of space for a yacht its size. It offers unprecedented luxury and limitless customization.

CNM has an impeccable reputation with customers and a continuing commitment to luxury. The company even assists clients in planning vacations and discovering exclusive yachting events. They produce between six and ten yachts a year, which permits an incredible amount of focus to delivering an extraordinary product. CNM exemplifies the idea that luxury yachts are not just boats, but represent a lifestyle of elegance on the water.