With over 135 years in the in the marine industry, Blohm + Voss has a rich, global history of crafting the most refined, stunning superyachts on the planet. Through ruthless examination of every vessel detail and forward-thinking engineering solutions, Blohm + Voss deliver the ultimate yachting experience.

Blohm + Voss have a world-famous shipyard in the Port of Hamburg that covers over 421,000 square metres, giving them plenty of space to utilize a variety of shipbuilding techniques with the most cutting-edge equipment available. The Hamburg shipyard boasts multiple workshops, including various gantry cranes and several lifting gallows. Additionally, their workshops have specialist machinery for milling, turning, pressing, broaching, slotting, grinding, boring, cutting and bending.

Blohm + Voss prides itself on manufacturing exceptional merchant vessels, offshore units, passenger ships, and of course, yachts. The latest project, the BV80, is an 80 metre semi-custom superyacht. Built strong through German engineering, it balances a 50:50 ratio between interior and exterior space, allowing owners an equal balance of life inside and outside the yacht. It provides a modern-day twist to the spirit and tradition of Blohm + Voss.